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April 20th, 2012 | Опубликовано в Статьи

Year after year, Бали – a part of the Republic of Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago with over 18,000 islandsis ranked asThe World’s Best Islanddestination by the readership of international travel magazines such as Travel & Leisure.

The combination of friendly, hospitable people, the physical beauty of the island, a magnificently visual culture infused with spirituality, spectacular beaches with great surfing and divingand the year-round pleasant climate all contribute to Bali’s unparalleled designation as the world’s best island. voted Bali its favorite Asian holiday destination by saying, “It’s an island that has retained its disarmingly honest and simple charm, a peaceful ritual-minded Hindu enclave in a bustling Muslim country.

In reviewing Bali’s win said: “Bali held top spotand by a wide margindemonstrating that integrity and authenticity can attract visitor votesand dollars. This is a reassuring message in an age of instantly bottled and serially manufactured destinations where neon and crocodile shows push everything else off the stage.